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Saturday, March 14, 2009

In Country - First Mission

The fog blocks all view from the window. Droplets streak past on the glass and the engines cycle down in preparation for landing. A slight bump marks the moment I'm back in country. I grab a cart and pick up my 100lbs of luggage, the driver waits for me with a sign, my name in English. Back to the same simple hotel, not enough room to unpack my things, so I continue to live out of my suitcase for a little bit longer.

There are projects waiting for my input, but first mission: find a place to live. The company labs stand in a very distant spot from the city center, so a choice must be made between convenience of a short commute to work, or a short distance to the fun of the city. People tell me that living close to the city costs too much, but compared with Boston or NY rents they are cheap. A 100sq m (~1000 sq ft) 2bd/2ba apt on the 23rd floor with river and city views, including fitness center, indoor outdoor pool, 5min from the metro will run about $1500/mo. International satelite TV and WiFi available, but extra. Living out of a suitcase drains the soul, makes thinking of higher order endeavors (PK, SAR, synthesis) difficult, hoping to have a home here shortly.


  1. hahaha!
    i have a big bedroom empty!
    and it's not far away from subway!